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Summer wheat and oatmeal stout brewing kits

Simply put, a braggot is a honey beer. The style has a long pedigree dating back to the 12th century, where a braggot could be used to pay your land taxes! Based on the traditions of old, our Brew a Braggot kits take a beer recipe and add honey for the fermentation process.

You will learn to brew beer with our all-inclusive, whole-grain kits, using farmhouse brewing techniques that make this an easy process, requiring a fairly hands-off approach to brewing.

What makes our kits unique?

  • Our whole grain (not extract) kit employs time-honored farmhouse brewing techniques still used in parts of Scandanavia today. This process eliminates most of the risk of the messy boil-overs seen too often in stovetop brewing. Added bonus: you don’t have to watch your brew obsessively for two hours!
  • The kit is all-inclusive. No hidden add-ons, no missing ingredients. We’ve got you covered from boil to bottle. You supply the water and the time, and a few common kitchen utensils.
  • Our one-gallon brewing kit is perfect for the average kitchen: no huge bottles and pots to manipulate and store; easy-to-follow instructions with links to helpful videos; a small batch to dip your toes into whole-grain brewing.
  • Our honey’s pretty darn tasty. Complex, rich, and special to our location, you can’t buy it from a store.

Start your brewing adventure today!