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Simply put, a braggot is a honey beer. The style has a long pedigree dating back to the 12th century, where a braggot could be used to pay your land taxes! Based on the traditions of old, our Brew a Braggot kits take a beer recipe and add honey for the fermentation process.

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Exactly what am I going to do with this kit?

You will soak grains to extract their unique flavors and fermentable sugars. You’ll drain the liquid from the grain and then add hops at a temperature that activates their aromas and preservative properties. Finally, you’ll add honey and yeast to ferment your braggot, transforming some of those sugars into alcohol. Whether you choose the oatmeal stout or the summer wheat, be prepared for a hearty sipping beer with an ABV of about 8%.

Brew A Braggot is a one-gallon batch brewing kit. Due to the nature of whole-grain brewing, you’ll end up with about 7 pints of finished beer.

What makes our kits unique?

  • Our whole grain (not extract) kit employs time-honored farmhouse brewing techniques still used in parts of Scandanavia today. This process eliminates most of the risk of the messy boil-overs seen too often in stovetop brewing. Added bonus: you don’t have to watch your brew obsessively for two hours!
  • The kit is all-inclusive. No hidden add-ons, no missing ingredients. We’ve got you covered from boil to bottle. You supply the water and the time, and a few common kitchen utensils.
  • Our one-gallon brewing kit is perfect for the average kitchen: no huge bottles and pots to manipulate and store; easy-to-follow instructions with links to helpful videos; a small batch to dip your toes into whole-grain brewing.
  • Our honey’s pretty darn tasty. Complex, rich, and special to our location, you can’t buy it from a store.

What do I bring to the kitchen?

You’ll need a stove top and a reliable oven large enough to hold a 14″ high pot (you need set temperatures of about 170 and 210 degrees F), something to stir with (for example a long-handled spoon or a spaghetti fork), oven mitts, a colander or bowl, and a way to measure 6.5 quarts of your favorite unflavored drinking water.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in
Grains option

Oatmeal Stout, Summer Wheat, Dual batch


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